Company Mission

Live Boldly. Bank Simply.

What business does a bank have telling you to Live Boldy? Well, a little encouragement never hurt anyone. And playing a part in your awesome life is pretty awesome in itself. If that means climbing El Capitan, great. Or, maybe it means whipping up an absolutely killer soufflé. It’s your call. Let us know what Living Boldly really means to you. We’d love to hear and share your definition.

So now you’re thinking,

“Ok, so what about Bank Simply?”

Thanks for asking.

Our mission is simple.

Simplification isn’t always simple, but it’s worth the effort. We work hard to make banking so simple and devoid of obstacles, that you’ll have more time and energy to do what you’d rather be doing. We know you’ll love it and we’re pretty sure it will work out just fine for us too.

Still want more? OK, for you straight up bank junkies, here’s our resumé:
•We opened in 1999 and provide solutions for our customers in all 50 states.
•We have approximately 300 people (and growing) who are innovating every day to make your life simpler. Check out the NBKC culture.
•We do two things:
    • Help people and businesses safely save, move and occasionally borrow money.
    • Provide loans to refinance or purchase a home

That’s it. We want to do those things in a way that is easier for you, and takes less time, than any other bank.

Live Boldy. Bank Simply. Get started today

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