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They like us. They really like us.

Jaeme Simmons Five stars filled in

〝If I’m going to spend my money somewhere, it’s going to be with a company that calls me back when I call them.〞

- Jaeme Simmons, Lotus Beauty
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〝I think the one thing that makes nbkc stand out is the personal attention you get when you need something.〞

- Brian Greenwald, The Cleaning Authority
Woman with dark curly hair wearing a green collared shirt smiling Five stars filled in

〝They really care about their customers. We’re not the biggest client that they have, but I’ve never felt that way.〞

- Mic + Missy Johnson, MJMeetings

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Covid commitments

COVID has impacted everyone. That’s why we committed to helping our members in any way we could. From business banking assistance to personal loans, see how we’ve helped our members get through it.


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