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Mobile - 913-951-9699
Fax - 913-529-3090
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Advice for New Home Buyers

Find a lender you can trust and who is responsive. House shopping is the fun part; it’s the lending side that can make or break a deal—who you choose to work with is very important.

Scott Is a Rockstar

“Scott was able to get us an incredible rate and was wonderful to work with. We had zero issues - the whole process was a breeze. I would highly highly recommend him to anyone!!!”

—Lauren Baum from from Fort Collins, CO

Star Rating

Amazing! No Really, Scott Benson is the Best in the business!

“We were going to go with our builder's lender, but the lender would not let us lock out rate until we were under 30 days of closing. Once we were under 30 days, they raised our rate by almost 0.5%! Scott was recommended to us through our friends. We reached out to Scott with only 20 days left before our closing date, and it was Friday, after hours! Scott answered and we discussed our situation. Scott said it would be close, but he though we could pull it off. We locked our rate and started the process. Scott was very communicative every step along the way and did what he could to expedite the process. In the end, we were able to close on time and got the rate we were looking for. I still can't believe that Scott was able to pull this off from start to finish in under 20 days! Amazing! It's rare for me to find folks that truly care about the quality of their work at the level that I do, but Scott is one of those individuals. Very Highly Recommended!”

—Jerry from from New Braunfels, TX

Star Rating

Great Experience

“Scott made an unpleasant process extremely easy snd pain-free. Due to his exceptional knowledge, he was able to explain the process and answer any questions as they came up. I'd highly recommend him.”

—Myles Leiker from from Savannah, GA

Star Rating

10/10 the best Lender

“I bought a new home with DR Horton and wow what a hassle it was to get in my house. However the one person that got me in there fast and was constantly going to bat for me was Scott. He’s a pro at what he does and the reviews will show it! Best decision I ever made going with him and as a VET he took care of me. We don’t say that as often but with his knowledge and the VA he got the job done! Best part is I got the best rate too and it was his first offer. You can’t beat Scott at all! I will continue to do future business with him and will always consider him a friend and a pro in this field.”

—Jake Erickson from from Laveen, AZ

Star Rating

Scott Benson highly recommended!

“We feel blessed to work with Scott Benson on our home refinance. He is easy to work with and extraordinarily customer oriented. Through every step of the process, he answers our questions in detail and ensures that everything goes smoothly. We got a great rate by NBKC, and the best experience imaginable with Scott's guidance. Thank you Scott Benson.”

—L. Newton from from Santa Rosa, CA

Star Rating

Easy and painless

“Scott was awesome to work with. Very understanding of the VA process. And the rates were as good or better than anywhere else.”

—user078272 from from Universal City, TX

Star Rating

Scott Benson - Fantastic Loan Officer

“I can’t speak highly enough about Scott Benson and his assistance in getting us into our first new home. I first contacted Scott when I was stationed overseas in Germany with limited phone access to call back to the states. Scott was extremely responsive and thorough through email and really made the process of getting a VA home loan easy. He remained in constant contact with me and always let me know of new developments or when new documents were required of me. He was always able to easily answer any questions I had as a first time home buyer. If you are considering a home loan, please reach out to Scott at NBKC! My wife and I are so happy that we did,”

—dgmorgan from from Killeen, TX

Star Rating

First-time home buyer, zero stress with Scott

“I went through Costco's lender program and I'm so lucky to have been paired up with Scott Benson at NBKC. It was my first home buying experience and Scott took all of the stress out of the lending side of things. My realtor had only good things to say about his promptness and attention to detail, and I never felt like he was trying to sell me anything. He calls it straight and he got me a fantastic rate in this crazy market with minimal fees. I enjoyed working with him so much I'd invite him over for a beer if he was ever in town! Cheers and thanks, Scott.”

—Jordan Caimano from from Tulsa, OK

Star Rating

The best in the business.

“Scott Benson was a blessing to our family. He was detailed, professional, relatable and extremely knowledgeable. There was no email or call that went unanswered. He went above and beyond for us and we couldn’t be more grateful. We can honestly say he was the only one we could count on and trust in the entire home buying process. We will recommend Scott to anyone and everyone we can.”

—Jessica Cool from from Maryville, TN

Star Rating

Best home loan experience so far!

“Scott is the best lender we’ve ever worked with. He’s extremely thorough, doesn’t miss a thing, and every time I asked a question he replied quickly and in great detail. I never wondered what was going on because his communication was impeccable and proactive throughout the whole process. And when our neighbors’ prior lender started doing a couple shady things only 3 weeks before their closing, I referred them to Scott and he stepped in with zero prior knowledge of them or their situation — and STILL met the closing date on time and without a hitch. 100% would/will do anything possible to work with him again in the future!”

—Erik Mumbert from from New Braunfels, TX

Star Rating

Get to know Scott

What is your motto or personal mantra?

The best way to get something done is to begin.

What is your favorite sports team?

Kansas Jayhawks. Even our dogs are named after KU players!

What is something that people would be surprised if they knew about you?

I’m really tall. At 6’7 almost everyone is short to me and my wife who is from California swears I was fed some sort of special Midwest beef growing up to make me as big as I am.

What’s your alma mater?

The University of Kansas (Undergrad) and The University of Tulsa College of Law (Law School)

What is on your bucket list?

Vacation in Fiji at those over the water bungalows with the glass floors.

What aspect of your job are you most passionate about?

Helping my clients achieve their dreams of homeownership. There is no better feeling than getting a picture of my clients at their new home on Day 1 and seeing that excitement for all the great things that will come there for them.

Where did you grow up?

Kansas City mostly but lived in Iowa and all over Kansas growing up.

What are some of your hobbies?

Woodworking, Landscaping, Wine and NBA caliber pool basketball player :)

Before working at NBKC, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I worked for a private trust company as the corporate trustee for real estate and personal property matters upon a client’s passing. I had to become knowledgeable in many areas so we could sell planes, race horses, classic cars, various businesses.