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Advice for New Home Buyers

There is no such thing as strangers they are people you have yet to meet.

Communicative & Thorough

“Dave was easy to work with...answered any questions we had and guided us through the entire process. He is well-spoken by phone as well as his writing skills on email is clear and thorough!”

—r h blanklukenbill from from Nashville, TN

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Great experience

“I had a great experience working with David. He was very helpful and informative. David quickly responded to my phone calls and emails. I would recommend to a first time home buyer, like myself.”

—Rebecca G from from Arlington, VA

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Knowledgeable/great to work with

“Dave was great. He got us a loan that Abacus and Washington Mutual turned us down for. He was easy to communicate with and responsive. Everything was done online easily. I highly reccomend Dave!”

—John L from from Brooklyn, NY

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Best In The Business

“David is the go-to-guy for mortgage lending. He knows his stuff and can get you a loan when others say NO. When 2 other lenders had said no because my debt to income ration was to high, David had us pay down debt with the loan and we were funded.”

—smediag from from Compton, CA

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Friendly, Considerate, Patient, Knowledgeable, Thorough, Efficient

“It was a pleasure working with Dave Prohaska. He made sure that I understood each step of the process. Dave never made me feel dumb when I asked questions; he would share his knowledge and experience and would ensure that I felt comfortable with the process. When the process would become daunting, he would provide friendly encouragement and never made me feel pressured. His attention to detail and expertise caught and closed gaps in a timely manner so that I would be able to close on time. Overall, I always felt like I was in good hands and that is the reason why I would work with Dave again in the future. I highly recommend working with Dave Prohaska.”

—Jose Lopez from from Laredo, TX

Star Rating

Excellent service

“Dave made our home buying process as simple as possible. He was extremely responsive with both us and our agent. We closed on time and couldn’t be happier with our new home.”

—Michael from from Ronda, NC

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Excellent service

“Dave was great. Answered all my questions clearly without any technical jargon. Very easy to reach, even after usual business hours. Kept everything going quickly and got my loan approval in time to close on time. I would definitely use him again.”

—John from from Huntington Beach, CA

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My Go-To!

“David Prohaska​ has been my go-to Loan Originator/Officer for almost a decade. He and he team are attentive and efficient, ensuring documentation is correct and closing dates were met 100% of the time. I would definitely recommend Dave to friends, family, and/or acquaintances.”

—B. Cain from from Cheyenne, WY

Star Rating

Dave is like a trusted friend! We've worked with him across multiple purchases and refi's

“No matter your question you can always trust Dave to give you the straight scoop! We've called and he's said "Not a good time to refi" or "Now is great!" and always helped us make the right decision for us, the market timing, and ensuring everyone wins through the deal. I can't recommend Dave enough! He'll even call you when he thinks he's got a better deal for you than before! Great guy!”

—Randy from from Leesburg, VA

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Rude, Disrespectful, Slow

“I tried working with Dave on my third home purchase in Feb 2022. He was by far the most rude and difficult to work with out of about 10 loan officers I interacted before at different capacities. I do not recommend Dave. I applied online at NBKC in Feb, received a call in 10 minutes - it was Dave calling to push the process forward. I shared my appreciation with him. Then he started asking pretty normal questions about what type of home I am looking for, my price range, expectations, etc. He asked whether I got a quote from any other lender, I said yes - I always get multiple quotes and even multiple preapprovals, and choose the best at the end. I said the main lender I have worked with so far was the one my real estate agent recommended. That's where the loan officer Dave became a salesman Dave. He started selling me the idea of why they are bad - without knowing ANYTHING other than the fact that a person I trust recommended them. Simply badmouthing them to pull me towards himself. I said I never take anybody's word for anything, which applies to my agent as well as Dave. So I just wanted to move forward with an estimate and I will make my own decision at the end, based purely on the numbers, not what this rude sales agent was trying to sell me. He wouldn't let go. Trying to dodge his insinuating questions that my agent was corrupt and that lender must have higher rates than NBKC was a horrible experience. I got so tired that I couldn't accomplish anything other than headache. It was 3:40 and I had a meeting at 4. I said I have to get ready for my meeting, this disrespectful individual insinuated that I was LYING by saying "Meeting? Huh, I never heard a meeting start at an odd time like 3:40!" I still tried to control my temper and told him that the meeting was at 4 and I needed to take a break (from his BS). Unbelievable level of unprofessionalism and disrespect! Next day I got in touch again, to get a loan estimate. He wouldn't give me one. Seriously. The simple standard PDF that lists all the cost and rate estimates - he declined my request to get it. Great sales tactic, horrible loan officer job. His strategy was "Don't believe anyone, we are the best, we have the best rates", and I am like "Yeah right, like I am so naive to simply believe you and close my eyes to everyone else!" As he got more disrespectful, I started objecting and the arguments got heated. He started showing signs of regret after I called him out on his nonsense. Anyway, I proceed to get a preapproval. I have no idea what he did but he preapproved my for about $50-70K less than other lenders. I still said fine, let's just proceed to finalize this on a specific property. I finally found a house that my offer got accepted. I gave him the address and asked him to finalize the loan offer. At that point I told him that my goal was to close in 3 weeks. He said absolutely impossible, they needed AT LEAST 30 days. By the way, he called me on a Sunday at 9:43 PM to tell me just that. Obviously no respect to personal life. He then emailed me that, and I replied to say fine, let's shoot for 30 days. Remember, all this process was basically working with 2 other lenders like a breeze and with Dave Prohaska like a misery. Finally got the loan estimate, compared with others, weighed in how easy it was to work with each of them, and guess which one was by far the best? The one my agent had recommended :) Their rates and costs were almost the same as NBKC and I closed on my mortgage exactly in 3 weeks with them - which, something Dave admitted that he would fail to do. Oh I told you above that he insinuated that I am a liar for no reason, right? Yes, this is Dave's level of professionalism. If you simply believe him and work only with him, he is the nicest. Question him and work with multiple lenders, he loses it. Do not take anybody's word for anything, people. Even if an impudent individual tries to convince you to do so with overwhelming sales tactics. Get preapproved by multiple lenders, see the loan estimate, then make your choice.”

—Fatih from from Flower Mound, TX

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Get to know David

What’s your advice for new home buyers?

Trust the process.

What is your favorite sports team?

Green Bay Packers

What is something that people would be surprised if they knew about you?

I don’t drink alcohol.

What’s your alma mater?


What is on your bucket list?

Visit every NFL stadium.

What aspect of your job are you most passionate about?

Serving people.

Where did you grow up?