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Fax - 913-383-5605
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Advice for New Home Buyers

Be smart, a mortgage is the largest investment you will ever have in your life.

Honest, Helpful & Fast

“I was directed to Wayne Medina/NBKC bank through the Costco website. I chose to work with Wayne because of his overwhelmingly positive reviews. The refinance process was exponentialy easier than I expected. Wayne seems to respond to text and email in real time. He was honest and helpful at every step. The process was surprisingly fast. My closing costs and interest rate were much lower than my current lender was offering. Aside from all of the required paperwork, I can't imagine how this process could have been any better.”

—jstratman from from Winthrop, WA

Star Rating

Great service and attention to detail

“Wayne and his team were very easy to work with. Responsive to my emails and texts. I was able to get docs early so I could sign when it worked best for me. I would highly recommend Wayne. Found this lender via Costco”

—Michael V from from Vancouver, WA

Star Rating

Wayne Medina review

“Wayne was the lender I used recently on a new construction purchase. He was very accessible, answered my many questions and made the arduous process of financing easy. I highly recommend Wayne.”

—Susan from from Palm Bay, FL

Star Rating

Easy from start to finish

“We went with NBKC and Wayne after a recommendation from our realtor after a disappointing experience with Fairway Mortgage. Wayne quickly answered all of my questions and got us pre-approved. The closing was cleared a week early and we were able to close before the contract date. With no fees for VA loans and Wayne and Chelsea’s help, I cannot recommend them enough.”

—chrisj from from Temple, TX

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“Progress was timely and smooth, no surprises. Final costs and rates were consistent with original quote/estimate. Loan process remained on schedule throughout.”

—hcole0475 from from Seabeck, WA

Star Rating

Great service

“Wayne answered all my questions thoroughly and in a timely manner. He was always polite and took the time to explain the whole refinancing process to me.”

—Cristiano Guarana from from Bloomington, IN

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Fantastic Experience

“Great job, easy to work with. Fast and efficient. Highly recommend if you want to smooth refinance fast responses to all of your questions. I highly recommend Wayne Medina for your refinance needs.”

—Briklin Arocho from from Flagstaff, AZ

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“He seems to be more of a text guy. I tried calling once but no response or follow up call back from him. You have to be self initiative and ask questions. He then responds to all questions fairly quickly over text. He takes initiatives for quickly closing deals in his interests. Overall he got the job done per our requirements.”

—Raj from from Livermore, CA

Star Rating

Solid, Responsive Review & Execution

“Very competitive refi rate and closing costs. NBKC team was effective in managing self-employed application process. Wayne was very responsive, and when he didn't have an answer to a particular question, his team members were on it.”

—Williams from from Vero Beach, FL

Star Rating

Poor Communication

“Wayne was able to get me a great rate and he closed on time. However his communication was terrible throughout the entire process. My realtor and I barely heard from him during important stages of the real estate transaction. I had to call NBKC's customer service to finally get him to pick up his phone. He closed on time but the whole process was like pulling teeth with this dude.”

—Anthony from from Salem, OR

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Get to know Wayne

What is your motto or personal mantra?

Get it done.

What is your favorite sports team?

Anything KC

What is something that people would be surprised if they knew about you?

I grew up on a farm and prefer that lifestyle.

What's your alma mater?


What is on your bucket list?

Swimming with sharks in Australia.

What aspect of your job are you most passionate about?

Helping people.

Where did you grow up?

Osceola, MO

What are some of your hobbies?

Sports, Fishing, Hunting, but mostly eating