nbkc bank partners with KC Collective

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By nbkc bank

We’re thrilled to announce that nbkc has joined KC Collective as sponsor in 2020. What’s that mean? nbkc bank and KC Collective will benefit from sharing resources and services that can help them both drive new business and better serve their members. KC Collective gets access to nbkc’s office and event spaces, and a bank partner with expertise in entrepreneurship. And nbkc gets more opportunity to partner with local entrepreneurs and small business owners, to cultivate an ecosystem of support and resources.

The partnership began with our startup incubator program, Fountain City Fintech (FCF), which helps financial technology (fintech) startups go from zero to launch in just 75 days. FCF and nbkc together provide these startups with a forward-thinking banking partner, compliance expertise, and a solid infrastructure for scale so they can launch and grow their businesses.

KC Collective co-founder and CEO of Griffin Technologies, Donald Hawkins, is a recent graduate of Fountain City Fintech. Here’s what he says about his experience:

“Support from nbkc has significantly reduced the pain of my entrepreneurial journey. Their insights and resources have helped me avoid pitfalls and see around corners. They represent the giving nature that top entrepreneur ecosystems thrive on — mature companies lending a hand to help out nascent companies. Can't thank them enough.”

Donald’s experience naturally paved the way for the partnership between nbkc and KC Collective. Working directly with financial startups makes nbkc an ideal resource and banking partner for entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners of all kinds. KC Collective’s action and influence throughout Kansas City gives nbkc an opportunity to partner with more businesses in the community.


 About KC Collective: Founded in January 2019 by local entrepreneurs, KC Collective is a 501(c)(3) organization that works collectively to focus on ideas, education, funding, and talent to aid member-founders. Through intent collaboration and network leveraging, the organization provides connections to valuable resources for entrepreneurs in and out of the region.