nbkc Wins Best Mortgage Lender – VA Loans in NerdWallet’s 2024 Best-Of Awards

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nbkc Wins Best Mortgage Lender for VA Loans in NerdWallet’s 2024 Best-Of Awards

NerdWallet’s Annual Awards Feature nbkc bank’s VA Loan Offering as One of the Top Mortgage Products

KANSAS CITY, MO (Jan. 8, 2024) — NerdWallet, Inc., a platform that provides financial guidance to consumers and small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), released their 2024 Best-Of Awards to help consumers make smart financial decisions in the year ahead.

nbkc was recognized by NerdWallet and selected as a winner in the Best Mortgage Lender for VA Loans category. A team of trusted Nerds—composed of seasoned journalists and subject- matter experts—used a comprehensive scoring formula to objectively evaluate over 1,000 financial products. Top picks across Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Banking, Investing, Mortgages, Insurance, and Travel Rewards are featured in this year’s awards.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from NerdWallet as it reflects well on our important work to support veterans’ efforts to secure housing,” said nbkc bank Home Loans President Chad Cronk. “VA loans comprise almost one-fourth of our overall home loan portfolio, and nbkc will continue to strive to help our nation’s veterans secure home loan financing and other financial products that bring value to their lives.”

Cronk noted that 2024 is the second consecutive year that nbkc bank’s mortgage products have garnered recognition form NerdWallet. nbkc was named the Best Mortgage Lender Overall in NerdWallet’s 2023 Best-Of Awards.

“Through our rigorous and objective evaluation process, we have selected nbkc bank as one of the best VA mortgage loan products,” said Kevin Yuann, Chief Business Officer at NerdWallet. “Consumers can trust that they’re getting one of the top products on the market to help meet their financial needs.”

To learn more about NerdWallet’s Best-Of Mortgage winners, visit: https://www.nerdwallet.com/l/awards-mortgages-2024. For a full list of NerdWallet’s 2024 Best-Of Awards winners, click here.

About nbkc

Named the strongest large bank in the Kansas City area1, nbkc is a diversified banking company known for combining intuitive technology and personal support to create exceptional client experiences. We offer online mortgage and consumer banking nationally; community and commercial banking throughout our home region of Kansas City; and banking as a service to fintech companies across the U.S. Formed in 1999, nbkc continues to pursue its mission of leading the industry to simpler and more transparent banking. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

1 From an analysis published on April 17, 2023, by the Kansas City Business Journal, comparing all banks with a presence in Kansas City and assets of $1 billion or more. The study used 2022 year-end data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to evaluate banks on eight metrics which, together, reflect banks’ financial wherewithal.

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