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By nbkc bank

Hidden fees, minimum balances, limited transfers — all things we’ve learned to associate with checking accounts. It’s high-time for a traditional checking account without traditional inconveniences. It’s time for an account that works for you, not for banks. It’s time for the nbkc Everything Account.

Three Things that bother us about most checking accounts

Ever racked your brain trying to figure out where that random bank fee came from? We’ve all been there. These are some of the headaches we’ve come across:


There’s a dang fee for everything — account fees, overdraft fees, minimum balance fees, counter pen fees. It almost seems like they’re making it up sometimes.

Many banks often have monthly fees for simply owning accounts. Or fees if you don’t meet a certain minimum balance.

Make things easy with The nbkc Everything Account

Let’s be real: banking should be simple and easy. Money in, money out. You want to focus on saving money, not avoiding a fee.

That’s where the nbkc Everything Account comes in. No minimums. No monthly account fee. No fuss. Just banking made easy.

Lack of control over YOUR money

How, where and when a customer uses their account isn’t exactly easy with some banks. Minimum balances, interest rate tiers, transaction limits and more make it hard to bank your way.

Take ownership of your finances with nbkc

Here are some ways the nbkc Everything Account gives you more control over your own money:

  • Bank from your phone any time, anywhere
  • Access to 37,000+ ATMs nationwide
  • Easy transfers in and out of savings
  • High-yield interest with no minimums

Those Pesky Gotchas

Banks are notorious for catching folks off guard.

“It’s in the fine print.”

Surprise fees and sneaky policies are usually tucked into a never-ending sea of legal gibberish. But most customers don’t read the packet of disclosure forms closely after opening an account — and banks take advantage of that.

There are no gotchas at nbkc.

While we also have disclosures, we’re upfront and honest — like an open book. We’ve got nothing to hide. Just everything you need.

What about other fully online accounts?

This all sounds great, but online banks are everywhere. Why nbkc?

The nbkc Everything Account is an FDIC-insured bank account. Your money is insured with us. We have physical locations and 20+ years of know-how PLUS all of the key benefits other fully online accounts have.

Get everything you need

The nbkc Everything Account is a do-it-all account that fits your lifestyle. It’s simple and easy so you can spend, track, save and earn the way you want to. Learn everything there is to learn about the Everything Account or open one today.