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When it comes to home loans, you’ve definitely got options. If you’re wondering why you should choose a VA loan, we’ve got 10 things to keep in mind:


100% Financing Optional

Say goodbye to hefty down payments and hello to homeownership without breaking the bank.


Lower Rates

Veterans can take advantage of lower interest rates compared to other loan types, and save more in the long run.


No Pre payment Penalty

Flexibility is key with VA loans, allowing you to pay off your loan early without any penalties.


Streamlined Refinancing

Forget the hassle of refinancing—no appraisal or income documentation needed.


Multiple VA Loans

Need more than one home? No problem. You can have multiple VA loans simultaneously.


Entitlement Restoration

The VA offers a one time entitlement restoration without documentation.


Reuse Your VA Eligibility

Your VA eligibility isn't a one time deal. Military personnel can utilize it repeatedly for future home purchases.


No PMI Requirement

Save on private mortgage insurance (PMI) fees, keeping your monthly payments more affordable.


Assumable Loans

Transfer your VA loan to another eligible buyer with credit qualification, providing flexibility for future transactions.


Relaxed Requirements

We understand your unique circumstances, offering relaxed credit underwriting compared to traditional loan programs.

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$5K Close-On-Time Guarantee

$5K Close-On-Time Guarantee

Our $5k Close-On-Time Guarantee pays both the seller and the buyer $2,500 if we don’t close the loan on time. We get down to business. Fast.

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