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It’s good to have easy, online banking services. It’s even better to have real people helping you along the way. Let’s get to know each other.

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CD Secured

Get the funds you need fast. Like, really fast. Only available for nbkc CD account holders.

Loans are currently only available to borrowers in the Kansas City metro area.

The nbkc difference

The Perfect Size Bank

Our bank is the perfect size to make your lending experience as good as it gets. We’re large enough to help you finance multiple projects, and small enough to know your name.

Personalized Service

You’ll get one-on-one personalized service from our expert loan officers who are ready to execute on time and according to plan, and understand the local Kansas City market.

Quick Funding

We manage all your documents online and process them in-house so you can get your funds as quickly and safely as possible. No cracks to slip through here.


Our loan officers are happy to help you find the right solution. And since we know every business is different — we’ll work with you one-on-one to structure your loan to keep your risks low and your returns high.
Loans are currently only available to borrowers in the Kansas City metro area.
Other specific qualification requirements vary by product and loan type.

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