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4 Ways To Live A Bold Life
by Pat Black

What do all heroes have in common?

The heroes we revere and the creative visionaries who change the world have a mindset that allows them to push beyond their fears.They have the courage to try, fail, and keep trying, realizing that failure is only feedback for the next step.

Extraordinary people realize that limits are not static. Every time we push past a limit, we set a new one. You can see this in sports, in science, and in technology. What is a limit today is not a limit tomorrow.

To push beyond the limits and be courageous yourself, consider these strategies of visionary creative thinkers.

1. Embrace trial and error.

To pursue success in a new business or any creative endeavor demands that you take risks and be willing to learn from your mistakes.

We have been indoctrinated from the time we were born into thinking that the worst thing we can do is make a mistake. Creative visionaries see mistakes as opportunities.

2. Learn through adversity.

During tough times, where others might give up, courageous people keep trying new ideas and combinations until they find what works.

How you respond to adversity often depends on your ability to think creatively. Creative visionaries do not allow hardships to derail them. Instead, they respond to adversities as challenges and find the learning that comes through grace under pressure.

3. Identify your path and allow your path to choose you.

Most people follow the conventions of society and chase what everyone else seems to be chasing.

For instance, rather than discovering what truly stirs their own passion, they go after the career they think will earn the most money or has the most prestige, all the while thinking that these things are the key to happiness. Visionary thinkers have a different driving force.

If you are a creative thinker who wants to make a difference, you must identify your purpose. Ask yourself what you want to change in the world and where you can use your creative gifts to make a difference. Follow your passion, and it will lead to your purpose.

4. Prepare for success.

Change happens in an instant. But it can take years to prepare for that one instant. Creative visionaries and innovators typically prepare for years to make advances that change the world.