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By nbkc bank

Whether the quote is applied personally or professionally, it certainly can be used to describe our success as a community bank… a community bank that takes great pride in providing the best customer experience possible. This is truly a goal of ours and even a part of our mission statement.

One of the things I love about working for National Bank Of Kansas City is that I observe my fellow colleagues taking a proactive approach to improving customer satisfaction. At the same time, our bank has a desire to ensure we enjoy the same satisfaction as employees. This is accomplished by providing opportunities to volunteer in our local communities, providing flexibility in our day-to-day schedules, forming clubs which bring employees together, and showing appreciation for the hard work had by all. It sure feels like we are headed in the right direction as we continue to make progress measuring outcomes, analyzing quantitative factors, striving to improve….and then repeating the process once again.

We love what we do and want to share what we love!