How small businesses can get paid

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By nbkc bank

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. But if we had to guess, we’d say you didn’t start your business to balance books. Yet, here you are, wearing the accountant hat. You know the one. It’s a green transparent visor often accompanied by a loud clacking of calculators.

Why are you wearing that hat? Better question: what’s the best accounting tool for small businesses to track payments down?

Options for Small Business Accounting

We’ve all heard of PayPal and Square. They’re great tools, but they have their shortcomings for small businesses when it comes to getting paid.

PayPal, Square and other options

  • Money is paid into a holding tank. You’ll have to remember to transfer them to your account.
  • A lot of features means a lot to navigate for busy business owners.

nbkc + Autobooks

  • Get paid in 2 days.
  • Get money in your account automatically.
  • Get an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly accounting tool.

Hiring an accountant

That extra work is no longer on my plate. Because it’s so much easier to use and clients don’t have to log in, we haven't had anyone calling in and asking for help.
— Samantha, Autobooks user

Autobook 2

Two Ways to Request Payment

Autobooks gives small business owners like you two easy ways to accept payment:

  1. A Quick Payment Link

    Text it. Email it. Put it on your website. However you communicate with your customers, give them your link and get paid.

    Your quick payment link provides a straightforward form for your customers to fill out. Forget cumbersome logins or password setups. Customers will pay—via credit, debit, bank transfer—and be on their way.

  2. Professional, Polished Invoices

    All you need for invoices is the customer’s name and email address. And you can save it, too.

    You can also customize your invoices with your logo and colors for clean, on-brand documents. Then offer partial payment options, recurring payments or a discount.

Autobook 3

Things to Remember about Autobooks

Recurring payments. Customers can set up their credit card for automatic payments every month.

Who has or hasn’t paid? At a glance, you can track payments. You can even see if a customer has seen your invoice.

Automated reminders. Set up payment reminders so your customers get an email about when they need to pay and how much they need to pay.

How to Get Autobooks

First things first: does your business bank with nbkc already? Yes? Great, you’re in. If you’re not currently banking with us, you’ll need to open an nbkc Business checking account, then we’re off to the Autobooks races.

How come we require that account with us? Autobooks is available inside your nbkc Business checking account, account. It’s self-serve, so small businesses can easily sign up. Sure beats the alternative high cost options.

Head over to our Autobooks page to read more and to reach out about it. Hang up that green visor and we’ll talk to you soon.