Top Tax Return Tips

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By nbkc bank

Follow these steps to make sure you get your tax return as quickly and safely as possible

  1. Before preparing your tax return, collect all necessary documents.

    These include W2’s if you are employed or 1099’s if you are self-employed. Are you paying student loans? You’ll need a 1098-E. Do you own a house? Make sure to grab a any mortgage interest statements from your lender. Tax return documents will vary depending on your personal situation, having everything ahead of time will make the process much easier.

  2. Set up Direct Deposit.

    To find your routing and account number, log into your nbkc Everything Account online or via the mobile app. Under the Details & Settings tab, you can verify this information. Double and triple check to make sure your account information is accurate before submitting your tax return.

  3. Ensure the name of the owner on the account matches the name on the return.

    Tax returns can only be deposited in accounts with the same owner as listed on the return. If you and your partner file joint taxes and both names are on the return, both names must also be listed on the account in order for us to accept the deposit.

  4. Check deposit vs. ACH deposit

    Check deposits are typically available the next business day, however these can be delayed up to five business days. Our funds availability policy states any mobile deposit is subject to a five-business day hold, although that’s not always the case. ACH deposits are available immediately once they’ve been processed. If you need your funds as fast as possible, an ACH transfer is the quickest way to get it.

  5. Avoid scams and fraud.

    Unfortunately, phishing scams can increase around tax time. Remember, nbkc bank nor the IRS will ever contact you asking for your information. Be wary of any calls or emails asking you to verify anything related to your personal information.