What do banker's really do?

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By nbkc bank

What do bankers really do?  Occasionally, I am asked this question, and my temptation is to give an answer that impressively sustains my ego, as well as the profession. However, I’ve found that the following description is a bit more straightforward (and I can remember it):


“We rent your money, and then take that money and rent it to others. Our priority is to build a trusting relationship while we’re doing it.”


Although some may roll their eyes and immediately look around for someone more interesting, some individuals are truly interested in delving deeper.  These conversations invariably evolve into discussing their own experiences with a bank or banker and what makes National Bank Of Kansas city different. 


Catchy slogans, flashy ads, and hundreds of branches don’t ensure trusting relationships. In my opinion, making connections at a deeper level is the differentiating factor for community banks.  I know most of our customers. Many I consider friends. They have complete confidence in telling me not only of their successes, but also the challenges they may be facing. 


Building trusting relationships while we’re renting and re-renting money. We think we do that pretty well at NBKC, and we hope you do too.