Life at nbkc: How we maintain a positive work environment

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The workplace sure isn’t what it used to be.

The start of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic left many industries between a rock and a hard place. How do we keep employees safe? How do we make our work, well, work outside of an office?

On one hand, these obstacles propelled plenty of businesses into a more flexible landscape–even in the banking industry–and opened them up to a pool of talent they previously had limited access to. On the other hand, this opened the door to work-from-home opportunities that increased competition and put valuable talent on the line.

For nbkc, the solve was to evolve.

Life at nbkc

How we cultivate culture and retain talent.

We’ve found listening to our team is key to retaining talent and cultivating a healthy culture.

Every year we send out an engagement survey where we ask for their feedback, and take those responses to inform decisions moving forward. Here, we get to know what we’ve been doing right and where there are opportunities to improve.

We’re also very respectful of our employee’s time and want there to be a healthy work-life balance. How do we approach that? Through our policies.

Here are some of our most popular retention initiatives:

  • Our Flex First schedule. The pandemic taught us the importance of flexibility in the workplace, and we haven’t looked back. Our managers work with their teams to develop hybrid schedules that work best for them.

  • Fair branch hours. All of our branch positions do require employees to work in person. With that in mind, all of our branches maintain an 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. schedule, only working Monday through Friday.

  • Competitive PTO. All employees start with four weeks of paid time off, and at five years it bumps up to 5 weeks.

  • A $300 Flex First stipend. All employees receive a one-time stipend that they can use towards setting up their home office. Since we provide all flex employees with the basics — a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headset — that stipend can go towards items that will help create a productive space for them.

  • A wellness account. Each employee receives $250 that they can use towards anything that could help improve their personal, physical, or financial wellness.

  • Anniversary awards. We love to celebrate our team members, especially on their workiversary. At three, five, and ten years employees receive awards and at 10 years we offer sabbaticals.

  • Supported growth. We nurture professional development and personal growth through L&D programs, speaker series, and employee-led clubs.

Of course, the culture is constantly changing, and we do our best to keep a pulse on our industry to make adjustments as needed. We evaluate trends in the marketplace and constantly look for opportunities to launch exciting initiatives.

You don’t have to just take our word for it.

We asked a few team members how they feel about working at nbkc, and here’s what they had to say.

Bridget McMunn

What gets you most excited about coming to work?

“What gets me excited about coming to work is the people I get to work with every day. I work with several teams and all of them are great people and know their jobs well. It makes problem-solving so easy! It also helps to keep a high standard of customer service!”

What makes you want to stay with nbkc?

“I love that you have a voice at nbkc. You have the opportunity to be heard with the open-door policy. Anyone who has a suggestion or idea, let’s hear it! Some may not be great, but some can make an impact that brings big improvements. We are always looking for ways to be better and the employees are a big part of that.”

I love working with the team at nbkc because...

“They are friendly and always willing to help. It doesn’t matter who has a question or a problem they need help solving, there is always someone willing to step up with an assist. The problem-solving and networking to get a task done are on a higher level than I have ever had before, it makes everything about working at nbkc better than anywhere else!”

Bridget McMunn, Senior Customer Experience Specialist since October 2020.

Sarah Sholar

How would you describe nbkc? (Professional, casual, friendly, etc.)

“nbkc bank bucks the “work hard, play hard” cliché. nbkc bank challenges you to think differently, supports professional growth, and truly wants your feedback on all projects. All while supporting you as an employee, and respecting your personal life. I come to work knowing that I will be able to find and master new skills and be a piece of the puzzle, while being respected as a person.”

What gets you most excited about coming to work?

“I come to work every day excited to work with my team in a casual environment. The work we do is vital, and it is challenging, but nbkc bank has built a structure of support and the freedom to work the way that’s most beneficial for your team. The collaboration encouraged in an organization that doesn’t bother with stuffy, traditional requirements is so satisfying!”

Why do you believe in nbkc’s products/services?

“Having worked at a few financial institutions, I’ve always completely changed my personal banking to each institution. I want to make sure I understand all the ins and outs of our products, so I can accurately and ideally, enthusiastically, promote the bank. Especially through the pandemic, many banks were not flexible enough to help those who really needed it. I can confidently say that nbkc bank is not one of those banks. There was no talk about how to use the situation to the bank’s advantage. nbkc bank stayed true to their customers, including my family, and continued to provide the same great accounts and support.”

Sarah Sholar, BSA Officer, AVP has been with the bank for two years in November 2022.

Jake Hinchsliff

What makes you want to stay with nbkc?

“Lots of things. There is always an interesting challenge to take on. There are always opportunities to learn and grow. We have an awesome team of people to work with. There is a good work/life balance. There are always fun events to participate in. I could go on…”

Why do you believe in nbkc’s products/services?

“Because I use them and they are awesome! I have loved banking with nbkc, especially because our customer support has always been amazing whenever I have needed something. I also got my home loan through nbkc. Everything went smoothly and was easy, which made the home-buying process a lot less stressful.”

How does your current job compare with previous jobs you've had?

“It is more challenging – in a good way. I have continually been pushed to learn new things and grow more than any job I have had. It has been a rewarding experience as I have gained more confidence in both myself and my career.”

Jake Hinchsliff, Manager of Software Engineering, VP, employee since February 2020

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