7 Signs You've Outgrown Your Bank

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By nbkc bank

There are a lot of things you do just because it’s the way you’ve always done them. But if you found an easier way to do something, wouldn’t you change right away? A faster route to work? A better lunch spot? Here’s one easy switch: your bank. A lot of the time, people stick with their bank because it seems easier than switching. But what about those hassles you deal with on a daily basis? We compiled a few of our favorite (AKA most annoying) signs that maybe your bank isn’t for you. See if any of these hit home for you:

avoiding atms

You find yourself avoiding ATMs.

You know that frustrating moment when you need cash, but the only ATM around charges you $4 to use it? Not cool. Things are different than they used to be. You don’t always need cash, but when you do, you need to be able to access it anywhere. That’s why we switched up our approach to ATMs: we’ll reimburse up to $12 each month for the fees other bank’s ATMs charge you. Plus, you can use any of the 34,000+ MoneyPass® ATMs in the U.S. for free. So, no matter where you are, you can get the cash you need. Less stress, more cash. It’s a win-win.

hit with fees

You’re always getting hit with fees, even when you don’t expect it.

Minimum balance fees, overdraft charges, lost card fees, maintenance fees… they add up and can cost you hundreds each year. Why do those fees exist? Because other banks like to squeeze as much money out of their customers as possible. Seriously, fees aren’t necessary, and that’s why we just don’t do them. Period. We won’t charge you to open an account, we won’t charge you if you lose your card, and we definitely won’t charge you if you overdraw—that’s just cruel.*

not saving much

You’re not saving as much as you’d like to.

Odds are that you’re making smart moves to build up your savings for the future. But sometimes saving feels like it moves at a snail’s pace. What if your bank could help you save a little faster? We’re proud to have high interest rates that put even some of the big banks to shame (seriously, check them out here). You’ll see your balance get a little boost over time, getting you closer and closer to your savings goals.


Your banking happens only AT a bank.

We love when our customers come see us to get their banking done, but we also understand that frequent trips to the bank can take a lot of time. What if you were able to get everything you needed done, wherever you are? That’s why we love the nbkc mobile app. You can deposit a check, transfer funds, and pay bills, all from home, the bus, or the local coffee shop.


You’ve had bad interactions with the employees...more than once.

We get it, everybody has bad days, but that doesn’t make dealing with a disgruntled customer service rep any easier. Don’t settle for banking with unpleasant people. We’re firm believers that happy employees make happy customers, and that’s why we invest time into hiring happy, helpful employees. That’s just one reason why our customers consistently give us high reviews.

things are harder

Things are always WAY harder than they need to be.

Have you ever avoided solving a banking problem just because you know it’ll be a huge hassle? It’s tough when you spend 45 minutes navigating a long, complicated phone tree and still don’t get your problem solved. If you can’t get the help you need when you need it, drop your bank pronto.

fed up

You’ve said “I’m fed up!” more than once.

It seems like everyone has a story of how their bank has let them down. But does it really need to be that way? We don’t think so. There shouldn’t be any complications that stand between you and your money. If you find yourself regularly getting frustrated at your bank, ask yourself one question: why settle for banking somewhere that makes money hard?

If any of these things sound like you, it’s time to switch to a bank built just for you. And luckily, switching is easy. As in, open a new account in 5 minutes easy. Really. Just start by clicking below, and if you have questions along the way, our team is happy to help.

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*But just as an FYI, if you lose your card or overdraw all the time, then we will probably have to charge you, so please be careful!