About Fountain City Fintech

Fountain City Fintech (FCF) was the first ever fintech accelerator run by a community bank. The 75-day program ran from 2018-2019 with two cohorts of fintech startups whose founders temporarily (or permanently) moved to Kansas City.

The program helped these founders advance their business acumen, shape and evolve their products and make important connections in the financial services space. It brought together entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and business leaders to solve a wide variety of real-world financial problems — from the savings crisis to cash flow management for small businesses, to banking underserved populations including women and gen Z.

FCF's entrepreneurs came from all over the world to take their businesses from zero to launch in a short and intense 75 days, culminating in a Demo Day event to pitch their companies before an audience of investors, business leaders and other influencers.

Cohorts earned grants and funding along the way, and several announced plans to move operations and build staff in the Kansas City area. In 2019 FCF was honored with a Cornerstone Award from Kansas City's Economic Development Corporation for its greater impact on the community.

nbkc continues to work heavily with fintechs large and small in many ways, which you can learn more about here.

Where are they now?

Here's a look at a few of Fountain City Fintech's 2018-19 graduates.

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