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Advice for New Home Buyers

Be careful on information overload. Making informed decisions are important but sometimes convolution can cause confusion.

Telling our freinds about the great service and excelelnt mortgage we got with NBKC/Jeff

“Our loan officer was excellent. Even before we decided on NBCK, Jeff was knowledgeable and responsive even though we were 5 hours apart. He didn't pressure us. He was available every step of the way while also being patient while completed steps that were complicated. We enjoyed our experience and our very happy with our new mortgage. We are going to save A LOT of money and feel better about NBKC's business model as opposed to our old bank. Thanks for everything.”

—Cathy Moonshine from from Hilo, HI

Star Rating

Jeff Young is the absolute best, a cut above them all!

“I just completed my fourth mortgage loan with Jeff Young at NBKC. Each and every loan was handled with extreme professionalism, accuracy and dependability. Jeff is the best, I wouldn’t use anyone else for any of my real estate loans. He delivers on time with total accuracy and professionalism. He gets a 10+ every time!”

—baskinl from from Encino, CA

Star Rating

Great Customer Service

“Jeff really take time to explain things through the process, and works to understand all your concerns. I would highly recommend Jeff and would definitely use ok the future.”

—mr06apa from from Madison, AL

Star Rating

Absolute best there is.

“This was my second time using Jeff for a refinance. As expected he was very fast at responding back and extremely professional. He is always on top of things and looking out for your best interest. I can assure you he is the best there is. Always a smooth process with him.”

—Daniel Noker from from Hooper, UT

Star Rating

Great experience!

“We actually refinanced 2 properties with Jeff and he was very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. I am so pleased with his service that I referred my daughter and sister to him. I will refer him and use him again for my next real estate transaction. Awesome experience!”

—Charlotte Miller from from Stilwell, KS

Star Rating


“I have refinanced maybe 12+ times. This was the best experience I have ever had BY FAR. Jeff immediately responded to any question; knowledgeable and low pressure; to date lowest rate in history; fees were very low and beat all of the others recommended); closed in 1 month; paperwork was crazy--only a few docs; even closed ONLINE. Why can't everyone do it this way? A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++”

—Rick from from Missoula, MT

Star Rating

Smooth Process

“Jeff Young did our original VA loan on our house that we had built and this was our second refinance with him. Jeff Young with NBKC was great to work with he explained everything in detail which made the process flow very quickly and smoothly all three times. I would highly recommend and have highly recommended my friends and family to Jeff Young.”

—VAF from from Kansas City, MO

Star Rating

Experienced, Expert, low cost, low rate, high service

“Jeff Young is a true mortgage loan professional. He has nearly two decades of experience, an MBA education, and a level of service that is a unparalleled. Jeff locked in such a low interest rate for me that my realtor asked multiple times if it was even possible! I ended up also paying a nominal amount in mortgage closing costs and ended up even getting more money back from the mortgage company than I paid in my fee! Jeff took extra time to explain the process from start to finish and respected my goals and decisions along the way while keeping me fully informed of my options. He took what could have been a time consuming and frustrating process and made it quick and easy. I would highly recommend Jeff without reservation to people who are not only looking for the lowest cost, best rate, and superior knowledge and service, but a trusted experienced professional that they can count on for a lifetime of service!”

—JCS from from Honolulu, HI

Star Rating

Excellent service and follow through

“We have worked with Jeff on two occasions now- he is very thorough takes the time to answer every question no matter how big or small or what hour of the day! Excellent follow through at every step of the way, proactive can do attitude- highly recommended!”

—Shannon from from Gold Canyon, AZ

Star Rating

Complete Nightmare

“Stay away. Complete waste of time and energy and VERY shady business practices. My husband and I worked with Jeff Young at NBKC to get a mortgage for our house. 'Worked with' is a loose term. It was more like dragging a dying dog to water. Jeff lied to our face on multiple occasions, wouldn't keep us updated when new things were needed or when something happened, and then blatantly suggested over the phone to commit tax fraud. To start, during my very first phone conversation with Jeff, I told him we planned on using some Crypto Currency assets for our down payment. He said that he had worked with Crypto Currency and it wouldn't be a problem. I asked multiple times if there would be any problems with having crypto assets and using them for our down payment because I know a lot of banks haven't started accepting crypto assets yet. He said multiple times it wouldn't be an issue and he could handle it. Then, throughout the process he would ask questions that very clearly showed he knew absolutely nothing about crypto. I should've seen the signs and went with another bank, but I thought we were too deep at that point and he kept saying he could make it work. Fast forward a few weeks when we are nearing the last of our contingencies, now he has a lot of issues with the crypto that he didn't mention before. We had to push back our contingencies multiple times because Jeff wouldn't give us the green light on the loan. During another conversation early in escrow, I asked how much of our crypto assets we needed to liquidate and when we needed to have it by. His response was 'As much as possible and as soon as possible'. He wouldn't give us a definite or even ballpark amount and no goal date. We pulled out what we thought would be close to our 20% down payment the next week. He later said that it wasn't enough and we waited too long. He used this to blame us for his part taking longer than it was supposed to. In the heat of it, when we were supposed to be a week away from closing escrow, he said we needed to show different documentation on the crypto than what we had. He said that if it came from a family member, we could use it. We would need to get someone to write a letter claiming to have gifted us the crypto assets. He knew the crypto wasn't from a family member. Doing this would be committing tax fraud. I asked him again for clarification of what he meant and he said 'you can't use the crypto unless it was a gift from a family member'. I said 'but it wasn't a gift from a family member. We showed you as much documentation as possible on it and told you it was income.' He again said 'Yes, but IF it was a family gift, it would be fine, if you know what I mean'. No, we are not commiting tax fraud for you Jeff. In that last week that was full of stress and pushing back contingencies and potentially not closing on time, we started to email him multiple times throughout the day asking for updates. He kept saying 'when I know anything you will know'. Then after hours of no communication, we would ask for an update and he would tell us that something else was needed and more paperwork was ready. So no, he didn't update us when there was something unless if we asked. So we kept asking. He straight out told us to stop emailing him. That was the absolute last straw. If he would've just given us updates like he said he would, we wouldn't keep asking. Again, lying to our face. Jeff very clearly didn't know what he was doing and didn't think we were worth his time. He caused a lot of extra stress that could've been avoided if he had just communicated what was happening and not lied to us on multiple occasions. Then to top it off, the suggestion of tax fraud really set it off. He knew what he was suggesting and said it anyway. We will absolutely never use NBKC again and try to save everyone else the heartache that Jeff Young caused our family.”

—Abby Z from from San Diego, CA

Star Rating

Get to know Jeff

What is your motto or personal mantra?

Do the best you can or don’t do it at all.

What is your favorite sports team?

Los Angeles Lakers

What is something that people would be surprised if they knew about you?

I have 2 grandchildren.

What’s your alma mater?

Baker University

What is on your bucket list?

Travel the world. Mexico and Italy so far.

What aspect of your job are you most passionate about?

Educating and taking care of my clients. I want them to have a great experience.

Where did you grow up?

Leavenworth, KS

What are some of your hobbies?

Playing softball and working out.

Before working at NBKC, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I used to trade natural gas and electricity before the Enron collapse.