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Advice for New Home Buyers

Do your part as efficiently as possible and don’t let stress or worry get in the way of living life. We are a team – start to finish- and it’s my job to coach you through the process and bring everything together to achieve the end goal – getting you into the home of your dreams.

Best of the Best!

“Jason was such a pleasure to work with on the purchase of my home. He was super knowledgeable and communicative, walking me through every step of the process. He was extremely transparent and never made promises that he couldn't keep. He went above and beyond, coordinating with my real estate agent and others. I had complete trust that he was taking care of everything needed on his end, and keeping me in the loop if and when needed! Thank you Jason for making the experience such a positive one!!”

—dichamot from from Saint Johns, FL

Star Rating

Jason Markowsky: Above and Beyond

“My wife and I are first time homebuyers, and Jason helped make this experience as smooth and understandable as possible. Being new to the home-owning game, there are a lot (emphasis on a lot) of things that we didn’t know or understand regarding purchasing a home or taking out a mortgage. Jason took extra time to explain everything we needed to know, line by line, and was there every step of the way to make sure we felt comfortable and educated in the decisions that we made. He also helped us explore all the possible options we could take, and get us to a very good interest rate for the market. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or not, Jason is worthy of your trust and you will not find him lacking. ”

—Jose Antonio Syquia from from Charlotte, NC

Star Rating

Greatest mortgage lender of all time

“Jason was amazing to work with on our loan. He is constantly available and would be in touch on weekends and odd hours if we needed. Our loan had a few curveballs thrown at it and Jason expertly navigated all challenges with us. I can say with confidence that without his expertise, we would not have been able to close on the house we wanted. I cannot recommend him highly enough. You won’t be disappointed.”

—Alec Yeager from from Wheaton, IL

Star Rating

Jason is the reason I bought my first home in 2022 - VA Loan

“Jason Markowsky is a stand-out professional in an industry with lots of noise, confusion, and excessive marketing. He spent 3-5 hours speaking to me on the phone as a consultant, PRIOR to my decision to get pre-qualified with NBKC. I had reservations about using the VA loan, how much of a cash reserve I needed, and general questions on the entire mortgage and lending process. Jason patiently broke everything down for me and used real world scenarios as if he was explaining the process to a friend. Jason and I worked together for an entire year before we closed on a home, and he was consistently engaging me and making sure he had everything from me to make the lending process as quick and pain-free as possible. I keep getting the same questions from friends and family - "how was the closing process? Isn't it such a mess to get through the mortgage process and nail everything down?" My adamant response is absolutely not: this process was a breeze because I worked with an elite lender and agent. Completely stress-free, so my wife and I could focus only on the fun part - becoming first-time homeowners!! Thank you Jason! ”

—Matt Rush from from Holly Springs, NC

Star Rating

Best lender I've used

“Jason is amazing. We shopped around before picking a lender this time and spoke to a dozen before we made our decision and we definitely made the right choice. Jason is easy to contact, quick to respond, and answers all your questions. He always makes sure to clearly explain documents and every step of the process, so there are no surprises and you feel like an expert. Our title company even remarked that he was the best lender they had ever dealt with. I will refinance someday and fully plan to use Jason again when I do.”

—JD Jensen from from Universal City, TX

Star Rating

Best First Time Home Buyer experience we could have asked for.

“Jason's responsiveness, experience, and proactivity are why I can write this review in our new house one month later. The professionalism, built on trust, early on in the process gave us immense confidence in his recommendations. Jason was correct in all facets of the process, even if it wasn't his domain. Jason is not your typical loan officer, and we were profoundly lucky to find him. Thank you Jason! To emphasize, we hold Jason's character in the highest regard and no review can do it justice. ”

—Alex S from from Melrose, MA

Star Rating

Efficient, Kind, Effective, and Transparent

“This was my first home purchase. We had a tight deadline over the holidays to get the deal done. Jason worked diligently with everyone involved to get the deal done on time! His estimates were spot on and we ended up having less closing costs than initially expected (around $7000 less!). I never felt like I was getting sold anything, Jason is very transparent and will spend any amount of time with you to go over mortgage disclosures and what you are getting yourself into. Any questions I had he was willing to answer. Hop on a call or text anytime basically. I'll use Jason again in the future. I couldn't recommend him enough. Don't hesitate, call Jason.”

—Kevin K from from Georgetown, TX

Star Rating

Highly, highly recommended!

“I just purchased my first home and had the pleasure of working with Jason as my loan officer. From start to finish, Jason was communicative and thoroughly explained every step of the mortgage process. He always made himself available for questions via text, email, or phone, and often spoke with me outside of normal working hours, including weekends. I was expecting the mortgage process to be somewhat painful, but with Jason and NBKC, it was actually quite painless. On top of that, Jason's early estimates on closing costs, taxes, etc. were within dollars of the actual end amounts. Pretty impressive! I'd highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for a mortgage or a refinance -- you'll be in good hands.”

—Kelsey Radcliffe from from Richmond, VA

Star Rating

Easy to talk to and always there to help!

“Jason was great from the start! We didn’t even bother to shop around because we felt like we wouldn’t find anyone else more helpful, prompt, or easy to talk to. Jason always did his best and answered every question I ever had. Great experience!”

—kassidyolmstead from from Colstrip, MT

Star Rating

Above and Beyond

“Jason went above and beyond like he always does. This is my 3rd time working with him and will use him again in the future when that time comes. When it came to crunch time he buckled down and got the paper pushed through and we were able to close on time.”

—Jimmy M from from Crane Hill, AL

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Get to know Jason

What is your motto or personal mantra?

“Thoughts and Words are one thing; Action and Results are another”

What is your favorite sports team?

Kansas City Royals, Las Vegas Raiders, and Los Angeles Lakers!

What is something that people would be surprised if they knew about you?

I lived in San Francisco for 20 years.

What’s your alma mater?

University of California, Santa Barbara

What is on your bucket list?

Attend an English Premier League Soccer match, go on an Alaskan cruise with my wife, daughters and parents, and go to the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals and Stanley Cup finals all in one year.

What aspect of your job are you most passionate about?

Helping buyers and borrowers feel comfortable knowing they are in the right hands by being thorough, efficient and transparent in all aspects of the loan process.

Where did you grow up?

Santa Rosa, California

What are some of your hobbies?

Coaching and managing daughters and youth soccer teams, golf, hiking, volunteer community service for various non-profit organizations both locally and throughout the Midwest.

Before working at nbkc, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

After graduating college, I sold temporary, moveable, PVC fencing for a start-up company to schools and businesses for sporting, personal or company events.